Upcoming 2020 Sessions:

Spring 2020 Session:
March 29 - June 14 (10 sessions with NO class on April 12 or May 17)

Summer I Session:
June 29 - July 10 (9 sessions with NO class on July 1)

Summer II Session:
July 13 - 24 (10 sessions)

Summer III Session:
July 27 - August 7 (9 sessions with NO class on August 3)

Spring Lessons run on Sunday from 8:30am-12:30pm. Summer Lessons run Monday-Friday from 11:30-6:00pm.

Lessons are at the Berkshire Club

Jolly Swim School Inc.

We NO longer use a phone number. To reach Judy, please send an e-mail to


Jolly Swim School Inc. has been a London swimming tradition for almost 40 years.  The School was originally run in a backyard pool on Riverside Dr., but now runs out of the Berkshire Club on Berkshire Dr. (near Wonderland and Springbank).  Many parents of our current program were themselves Jolly Swim School students many years ago.  You may remember the cold water and getting thrown into the pool as a child!   Although our goal remains teaching your child to be the best possible swimmer, our strategies and tactics have evolved a little bit over the years.

Jolly Swim School Inc. is owned and operated by Judy Hubert (nee Roper).  Judy was a student of the School herself back in the 1970-80’s and then worked as an instructor in the late 1980’s.  Judy bought the business in the early 1990’s as a way to earn money to pay her way through University.  Judy went on to earn her Masters of Education from the University of Western Ontario and now works for the Thames Valley District School Board.  She has maintained Jolly Swim School primarily due to her love of teaching kids how to swim.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is that every child can learn to swim in the right environment.  That environment must have;

  1. A comfortable facility;
  2. Warm water;
  3. Supportive instructors;
  4. Enthusiastic instructors;
  5. Qualified instructors; and
  6. Attainable goals.

The Berkshire Club pool provides a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere with very warm water conditions.  The indoor pool also reduces or eliminates the possibility of rainouts in the summer and allows us to continue to offer lessons through the winter months as well.

Our qualified instructors use a scaffolding model whereby they break down the strokes into the basic movements.  The basic movements are built into the proper strokes.  In addition to teaching the proper strokes, we expect our instructors to be enthusiastic and continually encourage and support your child in their development!   


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